More Fun at Disney’s Expense

After some investigative journalism I’ve been able to unearth some long-buried secrets about Disney’s feature-length animated films; scenes cut, characters changed, voice over actors wanted, etc.. Here’s what I found out…

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs: Eighth dwarf, Gassy, cut after first script.

Pinocchio: Amid controversy over the woodworker who just wanted a little boy of his own Disney executives shorten his name from Geppettophile to just plain Geppetto.

Bambi: Venison eating scene with hunters declared too graphic for final product.

Fantasia: Apprentice Mickey’s flood causes massive sewage back-up in castle.

Dumbo: Instead of magic feather, crows originally gave Dumbo “magic” brownie to fly.

Alice in Wonderland: In original script Alice chased not one but many white rabbits…with scotch.

Peter Pan: Gruesome death scene where Capt. Hook dies of jock itch scratched from final cut.

Lady and the Tramp: Tramp’s James Cagney impression in the crib room deemed out-of-place in children’s movie.

Sleeping Beauty: Drunken smackdown between Kings Stefan and Hubert involving groin shots, fish-hooking and excessive swearing toned down for final cut.

101 Dalmatians: Originally produced for psychiatric community as all pups were just walking Rorschach blots.

The Sword in the Stone: Merlin’s germ in battle against Madam Mim was actually a yeast infection.

The Jungle Book: Original ending – Mowgli failed to save Baloo from being eviscerated by Shere Khan.

The Aristocats: Upon being adopted into the family Thomas O’Malley is immediately neutered.

Robin Hood: Visual evidence of Prince John as a bed-wetter removed before final cut.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Upon going to school Christopher Robin sees himself as too grown up for his toys. So he donates them to a daycare run by an angry teddy bear named Lotso.

The Rescuers: Cajun wackos protested the film claiming there are plenty of skinny orphans right in Louisiana to go down tiny holes looking for lost gems.

The Fox and The Hound: Original scene when Tod and Copper first meet just five minutes of butt-sniffing.

The Black Cauldron: Bucking the trend of listening to market research Disney let Gurgi survive jumping into the cauldron even though test audiences were glad to be rid of the varmint.

The Great Mouse Detective: Original title “Olivia’s Crappy Birthday”

Oliver and Company: Billy Joel not talented enough to act and not “camera-friendly.” So, just let him sing.

The Little Mermaid: Original animation took into account Ursula’s lack of knowledge about human female leg-shaving.

The Rescuers Down Under: Working title “Let’s Jump On the Crocodile Dundee Bandwagon”

Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s first present to Beast, a flea collar, never made final cut.

Aladdin: Genie originally to be voiced by Richard Simmons; but when animators made Genie masculine that idea was scrapped.

The Lion King: Rafiki originally named Balki until Nathan Lane told Ernie Sabella to “stop throwing Pinchot bones.”

Pocahontas: Original recording of “Colors of the Wind” feature Mel Gibson breaking wind in sound studio.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Lou Holtz originally cast as Frollo.

Hercules: Executives debated between Greek and Roman names before just mashing it all together.

Mulan: Disney’s first nude scene – when Mulan’s gender is revealed after Shan Yu’s attack – cut from final.

Tarzan: Kerchack originally named Horshack.

Fantasia 2000: Working title, “Hey, We Need Filler Here.”

Dinosaur: Carnotaurus tracked down herd by simply following long trail of dung.

The Emperor’s New Groove: Eartha Kitt had been dying to work with David Spade so she convinced Disney Brass to produce this one by wearing her Catwoman costume to studio.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Multiple earthquakes rocked the studio throughout production. Michael J. Fox noticed nothing.

Lilo & Stitch: Experiment 626, a living creature capable of creating untold chaos, inspired by Carrot Top.

Treasure Planet: Now referred to as “Lost Treasure Planet” after failing to earn back its production cost.

Brother Bear: The movie that fulfilled Walt Disney’s dying wish of reuniting the McKenzie brothers.

Home on the Range: Alameda Slim oft referred to as Randy Quaid’s finest performance.

Chicken Little: Vulgar slip-ups of actors trying to say “Buck Cluck” filled up three reels of audio tape.

Meet the Robinsons: Because the world wasn’t ready to meet the Kardashians just yet.

Bolt: John Travolta ideally cast as a dog – like most of his movies.

The Princess and the Frog: Mama Odie originally to be a yellow, long-necked dog with an oversized tongue and excessive drool.

Tangled:Snow-capped mountains originally just a product of Rapunzel’s dandruff.

Winnie the Pooh: Working title: “How Long Can We Ride A. A. Milne’s Coattails?”

Wreck-it-Ralph: Original title: “Rectum Ralph”

Frozen: One extra carrot to make anatomically-correct Olaf.


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