A Brief Defense of President Obama

I offer a brief defense of our Commander in Chief because, disagreeing with him on the vast majority of his political beliefs, I can only offer a brief defense. This is in reference to the “Latte Salute” traversing the information superhighway. I can understand some of the indignation some are feeling, after all as Commander in Chief in charge of our armed forces there should be a certain level of respect for military procedure such as saluting soldiers. However, much of the ire is misguided and not taking into account behind-the-scenes occurrences of which none of us are aware.

The president is perpetually being bombarded with information: intelligence briefs, economic indicators, polls covering the vast gamut of political opinion, foreign affairs communiques, etc. We have no idea what information he may have received just prior to departing the helicopter. Maybe he was preoccupied with information of a sensitive nature, possibly upsetting. Carrying his drink in one hand and documents in the other he only had two options; risk dropping possibly important documents or risk spilling my drink on my head. Easy choice.

I didn’t vote for him in either election and find him to be divisive and one who takes advantage by stirring the pot of political discord as often as he can. I don’t find him a particularly effective leader; but until I see evidence that every president we’ve ever had saluting soldiers properly every single time this is just bickering and really serves no point in legitimate political debate. You’re allowed to comment on it either way you wish, but other than maybe chuckling at it there’s no need to give the video any significant attention. Which is why I didn’t even bother linking it in this post.


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