Yep, she said that

Kids really do say the darnedest things. Here are some favorites from my three oldest when they were little…

My oldest, after watching Beauty and the Beast for about the tenth time, offered up this little gem of a quote. First of all, she referred to LeFou (sp?) as Gaston’s little boyfriend. So, I just about passed out trying to contain my laughter when she said, “Gaston’s little boyfriend tried to catch his eggs in his mouth but they just splattered on his face.”

Of course, sometimes they may sound cute and innocent to start, but may bring about suspicious thoughts. Take my second who said, “I love you daddy. You’re my best daddy.” Awww. Wait a minute, what’s momma doing while daddy’s at work? Why does the baby look like the mailman?

And kid number three had this one, which I still haven’t heard my wife’s answer too. “Mommy, does daddy have a penis?” “Yes, dear. Boys have penises.” “Does daddy have a big penis?” I hope my wife made me look really good that day.

I can’t wait to hear what the next kid comes up with. She’s already a little chatterbox, but has yet to floor me with her wisdom.


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