Fail-Win Combinations

From the camcorder days of nut-shots on America’s Funniest Home Videos to the smartphones of today capturing oblivious texters walking into or off of something, FAILs have been a very popular part of our entertainment culture. I love watching a good fail, especially when someone is intentionally doing something unintelligent. No, I don’t revel in their pain, just appreciate that a little pain without permanent damage will help to build their character while giving my abs a workout as I refrain from laughing out loud in the wee hours of the night while the family sleeps. It’s such a part of our culture that failblog is a popular website and failarmy a popular youtube channel. (Heck, I check out their fails of the week every Saturday night.)

As humans with many faults of our own, we’ve all experienced moments of fails. We have also experienced the joy of wins, just those little victories to keep us going with a smile on our faces. I’ve been reflecting on some of my own recent fails and wins and would like to share them with you.

FAIL: Having to change two dirty diapers in a ten-minute span. Any parent knows that no matter how ugly diaper number one is it is merely the opening act for THE BIG SHOW when there’s a minimal lapse of time. I thought for sure that was the case last week.

WIN: Back-to-back easy-to-change diapers requiring only one wipe each. If there’s going to be a win in diaper changing, that’s it!

FAIL: Stepping onto the upturned lapel pin that had fallen off my wife’s shirt while barefoot.

WIN: Managing to gently put the baby down and hobble into the bathroom without teaching the kids and my visiting niece multiple new swear words.

FAIL: The five-year-old sleeping in our bed because she’s too scared to go to sleep in her own for the past five months.

WIN: The laugh I get every time I go to move her to her own bed and she looks like the poster-child for the monster snorkel from The Far Side.

FAIL: Fifteen years of daughters only produced fifteen years of naked Barbies strewn throughout the house.

WIN: Fifteen years of having daughters I love and adore.

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