(I’m so glad I didn’t make any typos in that title.)

My family has a nomadic nature. The core family unit began in Pennsylvania, where none of us live now. My parents have since retired to Florida, my oldest brother currently lives in North Carolina, my next oldest brother resides in California and me and my family call Virginia home. Ever since leaving the nest we’ve all lived in more than one state, even if some visits were shorter than others and our current residences may not be our last. My Cali-bro, for example, is almost assuredly going to remain on the West Coast and likely in California; but I wouldn’t put a move to the Pacific Northwest of Oregon or Washington past him. My oldest brother has certainly been the most nomadic, and not just because of his military history. Even my parents have lived in two different states since retiring.

Although you can find plenty of relatives on my mother’s side spread across the land, I do believe the nomadic gene originates from the paternal line. One uncle on my dad’s side is perhaps best described as nomadic – he could wind up anywhere. Add to that nature his notoriously poor navigational skills and that statement takes on new meaning! Trust me, family members reading this now are sure to be grinning as they recall multiple stories of his wanderings. (It was my own dad who took an atlas into the bathroom, but my uncle who probably needed the map to find everything.)

I moved to my new home with a wife, two kids and no job lined up. It was a leap of faith, but having been through this part of the country I knew I wanted to live here. My wife and I love our house, our community and our city. We have no intention of moving whatsoever. However, I do occasionally hear the call of my nomadic side. More than just an urge to travel, I’m interested on what living in any number of other places would be like. I actually have a list of about 50 different cities in 18 states which, when bored and unable to sleep, I’ll do the research on just in case a move is necessary.

Perhaps I’ll do some traveling when the kids are grown and on their own. Maybe I’ll then have the time and resources to visit some of the places I’ve been reading about over the years.  I’d like to visit all 50 states. Well, maybe not Hawaii – I don’t surf and my wife is the only one allowed to lei me.

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