Pixar and Ebola

Woody or Buzz? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. No, I’m not a lonely middle-aged woman examining her options; I’m just comparing how the two differ and how it pertains to the current hysteria over Ebola.

Remember the scene in Toy Story when Buzz and Woody are stranded at the Dinoco gas station? Buzz tells Woody, “This is no time to panic.” Woody responds, “This is the perfect time to panic.” It seems too many in the mainstream media and talk radio are quick to have a Woody – and not the fun kind, either. Too much panic.

Is there a potential for a full-scale pandemic, sure. But the likelihood is very  slim. My wife and I aren’t worried about it. In fact, some co-workers and I were discussing this very topic in the breakroom. Will said “You’re more likely to get killed in a routine traffic stop than by Ebola.” I replied, “Heck, you’re more likely to die in routine traffic than from Ebola.” Of course, we’re in the USA and not Liberia, so we can talk like this. However, even with the increasing spread of the disease in west Africa, we’re in pretty safe shape Stateside. I fully appreciate the need for prudence and reasonable precautions, but the hysteria is a little, well, hysterical!

Speaking of hysterical, my niece said Ebola jokes are not funny. I replied, “What if you speak in a totally fake Italian accent and say, ‘Ebola me over with his funny jokes.'” I liked that one. So did my co-workers.

How some people are talking also reminds me of Monsters, Inc. One little girl caused excess panic in the monster world. Why? Lack of information led to the spread of rumors causing irrational behavior. It’s a shame that, throughout recorded history, you see this happening over and over again. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with prudent precautions, but we’re not on the verge of a plague-apocalypse. Be reasonable, or we’ll have more heart-attack deaths from panic than Ebola cases. And that’s no joke.


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