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My clerk Amber asked me what my favorite foods were just the other day. I thought I’d write a little post about it; having a little walk down memory lane in the process. But I forgot about it for a while, until my wife went to her weekly small Christian community meeting tonight and I treated myself to some homemade batter-dipped onion rings. (They’re a treat until clean-up time, that is.) So it reminded me of Amber’s question. And I guess that I’m not alone in having a variety of different favorite foods depending on what mood I’m in and what I’m doing. Also, whether or not I’m cooking it myself has a bearing on the desire to eat the food as well. So, without further ado, here’s the list of favorites I came up with.

Salisbury Steak (my Mom’s recipe)

Ground sirloin and Lipton Onion Soup mix are the key to this gem. After mixing half the packet of soup mix with the meat and making patties she’d cook them up in a pan. Before being done she’d take out the patties, add flour and the remaining onion soup mix to the juices left in the pan, followed by some water and then put the patties back in to soak in the gravy. Mmmmm, yummy. Having to cook for my four kids I realize exactly how hard my mom had it cooking meals for all of us growing up, but I think her Salisbury Steak was a hit with us all. As my oldest can’t have all the ingredients I haven’t made it in over eight years – I’ve been too chicken to try to substitute gluten-free ingredients.

Cheese Dreams

A lightly toasted English Muffin, lightly buttered, topped with a slice of fresh tomato, crisp bacon and melted cheese. Oh baby, can you say culinary wet dream? This was also a hit with all of us, even though I was a picky eater and refused the tomato as a child. I’d eat half without tomato and half with these days. However, I haven’t found a good enough gluten-free muffin to accommodate my oldest, and all of our kids are pretty much dairy-free, so that keeps cheese off the menu. As a result I haven’t had these in over eight years as well.

Chocolate Wafer dessert

Nabisco Famous Chocolate wafers stacked with a blend of heavy whipping cream mixed with powdered sugar; stacked three or four tall and chilled to perfection. Once again, it was a family favorite, a culinary orgasm! My store no longer carries the Nabisco wafers but our own brand which tastes just as good. I managed to make them a few times for my parents when they lived here and my brothers visited, but still as the only one in the household who eats both gluten AND dairy I can probably count the number of times I’ve eaten them in the past ten years on one hand.

One may wonder, if I no longer eat all these great foods anymore, why I’ve only lost 2 pounds in the last 2 years? Well, had Amber or another clerk named Lisa written this post for me they would’ve said mini chocolate chip cookies were my favorite food. Sure, I like them, but it’s more a matter of ensuring product quality for my customers. I pride myself on serving only the best cookies in town, so I feel the need to frequently test the product for freshness and flavor. It just so happens that those cookies are readily available for such testing. As a perishable product affected by time I may have to check every few hours. Okay, every hour. Okay, every 20 minutes. But, it’s all about customer service.

Of course I can’t forget to mention my weakness from the meat department which borders my bakery…BACON! When I smell them cooking up bacon to entice our customers I can’t help but get a little aroused. Bacon is God’s gift to the taste buds…and Satan’s gift to the arteries. But, choco-holic that I am, bacon may be the top candidate for favorite food if I were forced to narrow it down to one. Especially our store’s uncured bacon; what a treat!

Now that I’m thoroughly hungry it’s time to try to get the baby to finally go to sleep. Please pray for me, all this thought of good food may be a problem later if I try to eat my pillow thinking it’s a chocolate-covered bacon cake!


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