Feeding the Mob Mentality

Darren Wilson is a murderer. End of story, thats a FACT.
You don’t need to play frakin “devil’s advocate” in this. It is a fact. It is not disputable.

That’s a direct quote of a beloved relative. It’s a shame that our country, especially our internet culture, has come to this. Why do so many people feel the need to display their ignorance on a daily basis and say such things which serve no purpose other than to feed the mob mentality which is destroying the livelihood of so many in Ferguson, MO? I love my relative, but this quote is utter ignorance and totally irresponsible.

First of all, murder is the UNLAWFUL killing of another. The grand jury decided there was not enough evidence to warrant the indictment of Darren Wilson. Therefore, no unlawful killing as far as the legal system goes. But that’s just the dictionary definition part of the ignorance. Where the real ignorance comes in is the simple fact that my relative isn’t even a resident of Ferguson. My relative lives over 700 miles away. My relative was not on the grand jury to hear the evidence. At best, my relative obtained the information to render a verdict for Darren Wilson via the media. Therein lies a great problem.

I don’t care if my relative read every newspaper article on the shooting of Michael Brown, it does not in any way compare to the testimony presented to the grand jury. I remember being at my best friend’s trial and reading the papers the next day. The testimony from the investigators, medical examiner, forensic odontologist, etc. compared to the articles was like comparing The Lord of the Rings to a 5-page book report of Tolkien’s classic. There’s no real comparison. Even the book written about that trial, which does a fairly decent job in relaying evidence, fails to mention numerous facts brought up in testimony throughout the days of the trial I was present for. That’s why I no longer follow cases like this – neither local nor high-profile – because I am not worthy to judge anyone whose case I’m not on the jury for.

When it comes to the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown case people who haven’t heard ALL OF THE EVIDENCE need to exercise responsibility in our right to free speech. Because it all boils down to the simple fact that the majority of the voices out there saying justice wasn’t served (and, yes, even those saying with absolute certainty that justice was served) do not know their asses from a hole in the ground. What hasn’t been reported far outstrips what has been reported by at least a ten-to-one ratio; that’s just the simple fact of the system. It’s not our business to know the case against a defendant without a defense.

And, if memory serves (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), that’s pretty much what a grand jury probe is all about. They examine the evidence to determine whether or not a crime took place and an indictment is necessary. They hear evidence about the commission of a crime without a defense attorney to present a rebuttal to the prosecution – that’s what the trial is for. In a nutshell, the grand jury hears the most damning evidence there is, because after an indictment and before the trial come hearings to throw out inadmissible evidence. If the grand jury is hearing evidence which may later be thrown out as inadmissible, the defense’s tactic, without a rebuttal, then the potential defendant is going to look more guilty than at trial. That’s why there are grand juries, the judicial system need not overtax their resources when there’s no case to be made.

Sadly, America has become a place where far too many people feel they know so much more than they really do and can express it in a manner counter to proper civil discourse. Nowhere is this more evident than on the internet; just read the comments section of any article online. Base, ignorant and many times violent comments are riddled across the electronic forum. Even though my relative is over 700 miles from Ferguson and not rioting, looting and destroying the lives of countless innocent bystanders, those comments feed the mob mentality which is causing the destruction. It’s a shame that after 2000 years this country seems no better than the mob ready to stone to death the adulteress Jesus rescued. That’s not my America; it shouldn’t be any of ours.



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