Epitome of Random – Vol 8

-I came home and handed two bags of groceries to my wife at the door. She handed me a bag with a dirty diaper. This is what we call an unequal trade.

-The trailers for Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens both came out within close chronological proximity, thereby sparking my biggest nerd boner in ages!

-There are only 32 days left to make the New Year’s resolutions you’ll be breaking in 35 days.

-It’s important to teach your children the little lessons in life. Like my five-year-old walked up to me and said, “Pull my finger, Daddy!” I’m so proud.

-Idea for a drawing from any artistically-inclined readers…four wizards in colorful outfits and ninja poses. The title? “Harry Morfin Potter Grangers.”

-Made ten chocolate/whipped cream wafer cakes for Thanksgiving dessert. Ate all ten within 34 hours. Why am I not losing any weight, again?

-I asked my wife what her favorite food is a few weeks ago. She mouthed, “You!” Then she told me to not post it on this blog. I’m a rotten husband!!!

-Poor Rudolph, I hope his science and math can bring his GPA back up.

-Averaging 3-4 hours sleep most nights is not good for the brain. Want proof? Um, what blog are you reading right now?


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