Don’t Mess With Mama Bear

The animal kingdom knows…don’t mess with mama bear. Males are bigger, stronger and more aggressive, but if you threaten one of her cubs mama bear will become the fiercest fighting machine in the forest. So, just don’t mess with mama bear and you should be just fine and dandy.

However, tonight’s little happenings here at the house proved that advice can come from another direction. My wife (a.k.a. mama bear) was cuddling the five-year-old cub. Our daughter decided to throw a little hissy fit about going to bed so she engaged in her preferred method of protest – repeating, “No, no, no, uh-uh!” while kicking her feet. Some of those kicks landed on my wife’s legs. That’s when the soon-to-be two-year-old cub came to the rescue. She was holding one of her dinosaur toys and hit her big sister with it. We made her apologize, which she did readily and sincerely, and reminded her not to hit.

Well, her big sister decided to throw another hissy fit a few minutes later, once again making contact with mama bear’s legs. The toddler stepped closer and said, “NO KICKING!” In one hand she held her favorite, plush kitty cat. In the other was the same dinosaur she defended mama with. A hard plastic Stegosaurus – you remember, with the spiked tail! It’s amazing how effective a weapon a plastic Stegosaurus can be in the hands of a toddler intent on protecting her mama! I shall never cross the little one again.


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