Life with a Toddler

My toddler is an adorable little girl. She’s a chatterbox – like her 5-year-old sister, 11-year-old sister and mother – and repeats some of the cutest things at the best times. I’ve already mentioned her 15-year-old sister’s crush on singer/actor Ross Lynch. During supper the other week the big one was asking the little one, “Is Ross funny, sweetie?”

“Ross funny,” she replied.

“Good girl.” The 15-year-old went back to eating. About 5 seconds later.

“And Ross is hot.” Much like the the story I related a few blogs ago, when the baby said those same words in the car, the oldest had a look of shock on her face, as if to say – “I didn’t teach her that.”

Tonight was extra silly. The toddler was walking around in a mismatched pair of her 5-year-old sister’s shoes. On the wrong feet. On her head was her 15-year-old sister’s skateboarding helmet. She said she was playing Santa. Not exactly Santa’s traditional attire. And she had the audacity to call me silly. Granted, daddy is silly. I’ll have to give her due credit there.

But much like many toddlers she can be very gentle in her play many times, but at other times decidedly not so gentle. Among her toys was a doll’s comb. She picked it up and said, “I’ll brush your hair, daddy.” By brush, she meant gouge out a few mini trenches in daddy’s scalp. Her 5-year-old sister also fell victim to this forcefulness. Kneeling down, big sister said, “Baby, touch my head.” So, the baby did. Then she grabbed a handful of hair with both hands and pulled her big sister down onto her back. Perhaps it was a bad idea to cease watching One Direction videos before going to bed in favor of Rhonda Rousey highlights.

But I do have to relate this little trait she shares with her second-oldest uncle. You see, when my brothers were little the oldest had a habit of taking any toys from the other whenever he put them down. Therefore, my other brother developed the skill to tie his shoes while holding on to multiple toys in each hand. The baby hasn’t yet learned how to tie shoes, but she’s able to pick up multiple toys woven between her digits in order to maintain ownership from the big sisters. Because those three have all taken after their oldest uncle.


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