Off to a Good Christmas Start

So, the wife and I just finished unpacking the last of the packages from her parents, her brother and his wife, our good friend Jay and my parents and put them under the tree. Now we are simply awaiting Santa’s delivery to complete the Christmas presents. The last package I opened was from my mom and dad – one of three shipping boxes wrapped in heavy-duty brown paper and taped with about a quarter mile of packing tape. I think I’ve permanently dulled the blade on my knife cutting through the Fort Knox-like protection!

Inside that last box was a set of three juggling balls with a note from mom suggesting I teach the girls how to juggle. I was never good enough to be a paid entertainer, but I know enough of the basics that I amuse coworkers who are unable to juggle. I’m looking forward to seeing if the girls will pick it up like I did. I had set the box on the kitchen counter. When looking for it later, I noticed that my wife had moved it. So, a mere 25 minutes into the day my wife has already grabbed my balls. Making Christmas that much merrier.


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