Santa Sure Delivered

The kids got a great haul on Christmas day. I really enjoyed watching them open their gifts with sheer excitement. It was fascinating watching the different reactions from the different age groups. You see, the older three are experienced Christmas present openers. They opened, took a quick minute to admire, then moved on the next present in rapid succession – like a little, one-person assembly line. The baby sat in Mommy’s lap and helped with the unwrapping. Every book or toy she got she wanted to have read to her or to play with. Screw opening up another present right away, she was going to savor the moment for each and every one.

Their presents were pretty cool, indeed. Some of my favorites my kids got include the rocking horse (actually, a rocking giraffe) for the baby. The best part of all was having a mechanically-inclined eleven-year-old to assemble it. I was still a little sick and tired from the long hours at work (not to mention the germs brought in by various ill employees). So, I napped, occasionally opening my mouth to say I’ll put it together a little later. Thankfully the eleven-year-old took charge and put it together for the baby. It was an extra present to hear the baby say thank you so many times to her big sister. As an added bonus, the music the giraffe plays includes “Camptown Races,” so I get reminded of Blazing Saddles whenever that one plays.

Santa also delivered some great movies and books to the girls; many of which I also want to see or read. Pixar’s Up has been on my wish list for quite a while. My teenager squealed with delight upon opening Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars. I’m all for any chance to watch Shailene Woodley! Kid number two is a fantasy geek like her daddy, so I’m looking forward to reading The Titan’s Curse when she’s done. Wait a minute, it’s the third day of Christmas…she’s been done for two days already! But I really enjoy reading to the little ones. It’s a great bonding time with the baby and the five-year-old, especially when the older of the two reads some of the words she knows with me.

Of course, I also love family games. Toss Across is a classic you can play indoors, and the eleven-year-old has challenged me numerous times already. The older two enjoyed Yahtzee the last time we played during my family’s visit, and now they have their own set. I got a card caddy with two sets of cards, so the eleven-year-old and I were playing poker. Next time, it’ll be for keeps. (Get ready to lose some pennies, kiddo!) But perhaps the best is Twister. I can’t wait to bring home some Crisco and play a game with the wife when the kids are in bed!!!

But the Christmas gifts just keep on coming. We’re Catholic, so Christmas day is just the start of the entire Christmas season. Every day adds another moment to celebrate or memory to cherish. Usually when the two older girls are scheduled as altar servers I stay home with the younger two. But today I was able to take them to Mass as my wife was home with a cold. And upon arriving home, during supper, the five-year-old asked the toddler, “Who’s your boyfriend?” The little one answered with the only name she heard associated with boyfriends, “ROSS!”

And thus began the rivalry for the affections of Ross Lynch between my oldest and youngest. Let the games begin.


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