Seeing Daddy

In The Great Outdoors Roman Craig (Dan Akroyd) said of Chet Ripley (John Candy), “Why do Chet’s kids look at him like he’s Zeus but my kids look at me like a rack of yard tools.” Perhaps not an exact quote, but I didn’t feel like doing the research to get it exact. But the point is, we all have different roles we play in life; with our co-workers, our community, and our family. We especially have many differing roles within our family. My newest role has been interesting to say the least.
We recently watched Cars as a family movie night movie. We have a few Lightning McQueen toys, which are beloved by my littlest. She was giddy watching Lightning on-screen. So much so that she now calls herself Lightning McQueen. I’ve been dubbed Mater! Okay, sweetie, I love you very much. But exactly why am I Mater? Does she see me as the goofy-looking, old, socially-awkward redneck in the family? Okay, I’ll concede that I do fit that description, but where’s the awe-inspiring Zeus role enjoyed by Chet Ripley? Then again, Mater is seen as the truest of true friends. This is especially true in the decidedly-less impressive Cars 2. He is always there for Lightning even if it took Lightning a little more time to come to the same devotion. But, given her call of, “Mater. Mater,” throughout the house, I know that MY Lightning McQueen’s devotion to her Mater is complete, total and loving. Not to mention, adorable.


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