Epitome of Random – Vol 10

-Daddy: “Did you see The Princess and the Frog?” Five-year-old: “No, but I saw the movie.” Huh?

-I made a new year’s resolution to stop cussing. I had to go to work January 1st. Oh well, there’s always next year.

-My five-year-old continues to have issues with going to sleep in her own bed, insisting on sleeping in ours. Maybe I’ll get my wife pregnant again. Once morning sickness kicks in and the kid gets puked on she may re-evaluate her present sleeping habits.

-Outside-the-box gift giving: I’m going to give my 11-year-old a front end loader. It’ll be easier to add her usual amount of sugar to her cereal that way.

-Dubrox Ear Wax Removal kit has a label on it which reads, “For the ear.” Thank you for clarifying that for us. Also, thanks for not labeling it, “For your ear,” otherwise when read out loud that could cause some confusion and possibly a little pain to the patient.

-I think I’ll quit my job and become a gigilo. My mid-section has the jiggle part down pat.

-Just to give my loyal readers an update, I’m still Mater!


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