An Esoteric Reference

My name may not be Joe, but I am a regular one.

I have a regular job – nothing exotic about it.

I’m average and I’m white, but I live within city limits. Though I can be a little bit of a slob at times.

I do like football. I regret to say that I had view pornography in my younger days but have, fortunately, come to my senses about that vice. I like to read all sorts of historical non-fiction whether they involve combat or not.

My house is average and the hardwood floor has a few nicks in it. But, hey, the house is almost one-hundred years old, what can a man do?

I have a wife, a job, kids and a car. I can’t really put my feet up on my dining room table and the only other table I have is an end table. That would just be awkward. I don’t smoke cigars, Cuban or otherwise.

Although I have plenty of other interests, that’s all I really do need in life. I certainly don’t seek entertainment at the expense of others.

I think I drive at a good speed – passing slower cars and getting passed by faster ones. I may hold up the ass-faults who drive too fast, and may even hide a smirk knowing that they have to slow down from their excessive velocity, but I don’t mean to cause any road rage.

And, yes, I’ve been called bad names before – by multiple people.

When using a public restroom I try to be neat. But, at 41 years of age, I may sprinkle a little. I promise that I always clean the seat, however.

Working in a freezer about 25-percent of the time certainly diminishes the effects of summertime heat and humidity, but I wouldn’t upset others by talking about the soupy weather.  Otherwise I think I know what they’d call me.

I’d never park in a handicapped space, and I have no idea what a handicapped face is.

(I think that’s enough for now. For those of you who get the reference, good for you. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about – that’s entirely to your credit.)


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