Shifting Priorities

It’s interesting to sometimes sit back and think about your life, especially when you consider what was once important to you and now is not so important. These moments of introspection can provide focus for the future, enjoyment in recollection, or even a little embarrassment of one’s self. But I think we should all take the time to do this every so often, it can really help us all to refocus on who we are and where we’re going in our life journey.

I remember considering joining the band and taking music lessons. I think this was around sixth or seventh grade. There were some girls who asked me about it and I thought – “Babes! Cool!” But, upon looking at the music lesson schedule my dad pointed out that it would interfere with basketball. Well that was a no-brainer for me – shooting hoops was far superior to tooting my own horn with the babes. (Granted, had I been older and even more interested in girls when this dilemma struck, the result may have been different.) These days I coach youth basketball. Although I’d like to play every so often I’m not exactly in the best of shape. Should signing up for an adult league be an option, I’d probably not do it. Instead, I’ll hang out with my girls. Girls beat basketball these days.

I used to love watching movies. 1992 was a particularly good year for me. Of the 200+ feature-length films eligible for the Oscar I saw more than half (almost three-quarters, if I remember correctly). I was an avid follower of the film industry – at least with the films, not so much with celebrity gossip. I always had my own Oscar predictions and preferences and would watch the event every year for a number of years. Television was also a favorite activity, but not as much as film. Let’s see, the last time I went to a movie theater was 2008 to watch High School Musical 3 with my girls. We gave up TV a long time ago. Except for occasionally watching whatever is on when visiting family the last thing I watched on TV was the Super Bowl…when the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts! My friend Farrah has shared her movies with me (Marvel in particular) and Game of Thrones (which I’ve read all the books, too) but even if I didn’t have them it wouldn’t phase me. It’s just not a part of my life anymore.

Of course, at 41 the decision-making process has greatly changed due to this shift in priorities. The other day I had remembered to pack a real, full lunch for work. What did I do when lunch break came? I took a nap. Didn’t eat a crumb! The same can be said for being a husband. “Hmmm, sex or a nap?” ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! That’s why older couples don’t have as many kids as the younger ones, it’s so hard to coordinate schedules so both parties are energetic enough for bedroom calisthenics.

It’s also very entertaining to watch my eldest daughter and her priorities. More to the point, priority – boys. If it’s not celebrity crush Ross Lynch, it’s asking me constantly if we can go to the basketball games of a specific team featuring her favorite player in the league. Nice, handsome young kid, and a good player, too. But, c’mon girl, give Daddy a break with the guys already. Wait until Mommy let’s me buy the shotgun so I can intimidate the crap out of the young fella.

Yes, as our lives change over time so do our priorities. It will be interesting to see what I think of my 40-something self twenty to thirty years down the line. I’m pretty sure I won’t be playing basketball with 13-18 year olds, I’ll be taking more frequent naps, and still convinced that my daughters are too young to be thinking about boys.


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