Doggone Tough

My grandmother is approaching one-hundred years old; it’s just a few short years away. I keep telling her that God must not be done with her yet, so He’s keeping her around a little longer. But this post is not about my doggone tough grandmother. It’s about my brother’s dog.

When I wrote Midnight Memories months ago I had my brother and his dog in the back of my mind. You see, it’s been about a year when his dog had health problems. My brother rushed him to the vet to discover that he had a very severe cancer. It was so bad that, upon looking it up, we learned that his dog was only being given a few months, at best.

Almost one year later, that pooch is beating the odds. Proving that he’s doggone tough. My brother is enjoying his time with his dog. He knows that time can end at any moment, so they’re just sharing their time together and making the most of it.

Perhaps God is not done with his dog, and perhaps Dog is not done with my brother. We can certainly learn a great deal from our pets, not the least of which is how to love more wholly. And I can guarantee that my brother loves his dog very much; has since he first adopted him.

So, whether it be days, weeks, months, or – dare I say – years to go; may they be filled with much butt-sniffing, territory-marking and leg-humping one can muster. And, hopefully, his dog will have something to do, too.


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