Bouncing Back

No, I’m not referring to what my  stomach does when people poke me like the Pilsbury Dough Boy; I’m referring to my family. This latest bout of flu certainly kicked our collective butts, especially my poor wife, but the family is bouncing back.

I know we are bouncing back by my kids. When I first got home from work yesterday and today the 5-year-old opened the door for me and jumped up and down with a beaming smile on her adorable little face. That’s just what my heart needed after two days of trying to catch up at work. (The second day including one baker leaving early and another calling out for an entire shift.)

The 11-year-old, still sniffly, was watching movies on the computer upon my return both times. She’s not as close to 100-percent as I’d like her to be, but she’s moving around and being more herself.

The wife has tried to do too much, so I had to admonish her. Thankfully I came home to find her resting on the couch both days. At least she knew when to quit. Early bedtimes have been her norm of late, and that’s just what doctor dad ordered.

The 15-year-old is fine because she keeps sassing us about going to basketball on Saturday and constantly asks if I’ve picked up her reserved book at the library. Oh, that and she is back to getting that dreamy look in her eye whenever Ross Lynch is mentioned.

And the baby and I still have bragging rights for not (yet) getting sick. Hopefully that will not change.

But yesterday I came home to find her napping a blanket on the floor. She woke up and was very upset. I had to quickly put the freshly-washed sheets back on our bed in case my wife went to sleep early (which she did). All the while I heard the crying toddler downstairs. So, I put on the latest shirt my parents got me; a light blue tee with Mater on the front! Having four kids, that’s an appropriate shirt for me.

It was exactly what the little tyke needed. Because, as I soon found out, she was crying because she woke up to find her big sisters watching An Extremely Goofy Movie, when she had fallen asleep watching Cars.

Although I’m a poor substitute for the real thing, I’m happy to be her Mater.


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