Epitome of Random – Vol 11

-Saw a cardboard box with the words, “Apple Wedge Cider” printed on the side. That sounds uncomfortable for someone wearing Fruit of the Loom.

-The 2-year-old continues to call me Mater. The other night I’m pretty sure I heard her say, “Ka-chow!”

-I hear there’s a Journey cover band from Japan playing all the funerals. People can’t get enough of “Don’t Stop Bereavin'”

-If you didn’t get the second reference, watch Disney/Pixar’s Cars.

-My 5-year-old held out two fists and asked, “Where’s the penny, Daddy?” I tapped her left hand. After a brief pause she put both hands behind her back, broke eye contact, shuffled her hands, then brought them back out. “Where’s the penny, Daddy?” Yeah, Shawn Farquhar’s got nothing on this kid.

-If you do watch Cars, stop there. There’s no need to watch Cars 2.

-My 5-year-old took a dress-up crown, placed it on my head and said, “I crown you Princess Daddy.” It’s 2015 – you’ll find a lot more of those these days.

-Speaking of Pixar, be sure to perform a Google search on “Pixar Theory.” It’s very entertaining.


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