Magnificent 7 – People I’d Like To Meet

In random order, except for the first entry, this is the list of seven people alive today whom I’d like to meet.

Pope Francis
Vicar of Christ
Even if I weren’t Catholic, Pope Francis would still be here on this list. This man’s incredible capacity to love is an example for us all to follow. In essence, that is the message of Christ – to love one another. Once you master that everything else falls into line. Ghandi was an admirer of Christianity and an avid reader of the bible. When asked why he was not Christian himself, he said something to the effect of “Had I ever met a real Christian, I’d be one.” Perhaps he was born too soon. Pope Francis’ living of the essential message of the Savior may have been the turning point.

Nick Vujicic
Motivational Speaker
If you haven’t seen, heard or read Nick Vujicic, you should check out his work just once. His zest for life and all the obstacles thrown into his own cannot keep this man down. He has an incredible wit and heart that I admire greatly. It’s amazing how this man with no legs stands taller than most; and how, even without arms, he’s been able to grasp life with both hands.

Clint Eastwood
Hollywood Legend
Clint started out as a western and action movie hero. His early work in both acting and directing weren’t particularly great, just kind of average and formulaic. I consider White Hunter Black Heart his turning point film. Ever since he has been one of the top film makers of the age. He has become bigger than life in entertainment circles. In my opinion the last entertainment icon to die was Johnny Cash – I don’t look forward to the day the next icon, Mister Eastwood, joins the list of the dearly departed. I can’t think of anyone bigger when you consider overall body of work.

Peter Calthorpe
Urban Planner
Okay, not many people find urban planning and urban theory very sexy. But I do. I’m a big proponent of the New Urbanism – the movement towards revitalizing our cities, towns and even suburbs by building walkable, pedestrian-friendly communities like days of old. His book The Next American Metropolis is one of my favorite on the subject. I’d love to pick his brain on which projects have been working best and how to overcome the real and perceived obstacles in getting our communities repaired.

Julius Erving
Basketball Legend
Dr. J was my all-time favorite player, EVER! He may not have been the best, but he was unique. Even Michael Jordan said no one had to carry the torch of the NBA and be the face of the game like the Doctor. Chamberlain had Russell; Magic had Bird; Jordan had Barkley. Only Erving was the man without a counterpart. He was a 90’s player playing in the 70’s. His athleticism and creativity on the court revolutionized the game. Without people trying to play like him, we may never have had Michael Jordan and all the current players trying to play like Jordan. It all began with Dr. J.

Ellen Hoog
Olympic Champion
Okay, I’m a happily married man and my single friends know I only have eyes for my wife. But what would be more fun than to take a selfie with the world’s hottest Olympic athlete and send it to them with the text, “Jealous?” That, and I’d ask her to train my girls in field hockey. When they start dating I’d love for them to be proficient in swinging one of those clubs!

George R. R. Martin
Author of the series Game of Thrones is based on



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