I’ve never been one to set goals for myself. It explains my professional past – and general lack of a professional future. I kind of wandered into an English degree and wandered into all these years of retail management. Perhaps, had I been more goal-oriented, I would have a more fulfilling career. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my life in general, but I have decided to start setting some goals. But in order to set goals you first need priorities!

My faith is my priority. I’m a little behind this month on exactly where I want to be in growing my faith, but that can easily be remedied. And be remedied it will.

My family is my priority. I love my wife and children. I’m not ignoring my own parents, brothers, in-laws or those close friends I consider family; it’s just that providing for the physical, material, emotional and spiritual needs of my wife and four beautiful daughters is THE family priority. (Four daughters? Clearly my own sanity is not a priority!)

Becoming a better writer is a priority. That’s why I post as frequently as I am able on this blog. It’s also why this blog has no theme (the epitome of random), because I want to exercise my ability to write about anything. This is my warm-up exercise for the big game, which is the writing I do offline in hopes of getting published in the not-too-distant future.

My health is a priority. Okay, this hadn’t been high enough on my list a fair share of my life. But as I feel the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on my post-forty body I recognize the need for change. We recently invested in a treadmill and are working towards increasing our cardiovascular health. I’m also trying not to snack on the yummy cookies at work. I’m slowly achieving this lifestyle change; but progress is definitely being made.

With those priorities in mind I’ve been able to set four main goals. Some may consider them to be more than four goals, but I wrote them out on four large index cards so I’m counting them as four. (After all, twenty-one goals would require indecent exposure to count them.) Like I said, I’m happy with my life, but perhaps I can find more fulfillment when focused on my priority-oriented goals.

This post could’ve been published a few hours earlier, but I had to get my NCAA Tournament Brackets into Yahoo! before the deadline. After all, I have my priorities straight!


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