Epitome of Random – Vol 13

-My co-worker was singing “Shake your blues away,” the other day. As a guy, I’m thinking if you’re blue, you don’t want to be doing any shaking!

-I saw a video of a cat whose owner put tape on the floor around where the cat was sitting. The cat refused to cross the tape to leave. Today we had a small line of ants moving across the border of our play room and kitchen. My 6-year-old, much like that cat, refused to cross that line. She didn’t get to play with toys today as a result.

-A customer asked us if we carried nut breads without nuts. Umm, you mean breads?

-My 6-year-old put a ball up her shirt and pretended to be pregnant. Her 11-year-old sister said, “You can’t be pregnant with balls!” Yup, that one’s doing just fine in biology.

-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Anyone with the last name Johnson is asking for mockery with the nickname “The Rock.”

-I just realized my brackets are more busted than the waistband on my underwear.

-Give kids options A, B or C for a snack, meal, or drink and they will invariably come up with an option D. Mom, Dad – I now know how you felt all those years!


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