“Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. Thank you for our many blessings…”

Thus begins the first of our evening family prayers which we say with our girls prior to bedtime. Tonight it had a deeper meaning as I was with my toddler when the words many blessings were recited. She is my mini blessing (as is her 6-year-old sister, the older two no longer count as mini even though they are blessings, too). I am so grateful for my mini blessings and enjoy every moment I can with them.

Granted, at the time I was changing a diaper. A poopie diaper at that.

But I guess regular bowel movements are mini blessings, as well. After all, proper digestive health is important. Now that I’m over forty I am fully appreciative of regular bowel movements – and am quite upset when they don’t go as planned!

Now, you may have thought this a sentimental post upon the title and first two paragraphs. But instead, I resorted to blogging about bowel movements. Yes, much like my many critics have already pointed out, I’m a crap writer!

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