Back Into the Swing

Vacation was pretty fun and largely uneventful. (Unless you count the five hours spent at Pep Boys diagnosing and fixing the ignition coil problem.) I always enjoy watching the girls play with their cousins, and they look forward to our trips back north. Actually, the toddler woke up one morning and asked, “Where are my cousins?” Not even out of the port-a-crib and she was rarin’ to play! What a cute tyke.

Also, we got to celebrate multiple times. One cousin had a 6th birthday party (a little early so we could participate), another had his baptismal ceremony in the very church my wife grew up in and we were married in, and we all celebrated my mother-in-laws 65th birthday in style. (Thanks again to my father-in-law for a great meal at a great place.)

One of the things that really topped it off for me was getting to see my best friend’s mother and sister. It had been too long since the last time we were able to get together. I’m already looking forward to seeing them again the next chance I get.

And, to top it all off, I got to watch a rare Philadelphia Phillies victory. When the team batting average is barely above the Uecker-line and their fielding percentage is fourth-worst in all of major league baseball, chances of viewing a win are few and far between. There was a time both my father-in-law and I thought they’d blow it in the middle innings, but they pulled through! Go Phils – well on their way to a 60-win season. (I hope.)

But were home again. Quick shopping to restock the fridge, the mowing of the lawn, getting unpacked and back into the swing of the home life didn’t take too long. Getting back into the swing of writing regularly, however, took some extra time. But I’m happy to say I’m back into the swing of things.

Now, if only my beloved Phillies can do the same.


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  1. Yes, your girls’ PA cousins also asked numerous times in the days following your departure to see and play with their VA cousins. They really missed them. I hope they continue to grow into a close relationship. I agree it was wonderful time together.


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