Don’t Poop In Your Hand

If you wish in one hand and poop in the other, which one fills up faster?

I know for a fact I’m not the only parent to use that one on my kids. Heck, I’ve used that – or the more vulgar version when a blunt delivery is required – one employees over the years. But there comes a point when you have to stop wishing and do something about it. Poop or get off the pot is another way to put it. At the least, come to grips with the fact that your wish isn’t meant to come true.

Of course, I’m human and have made this same mistake many times in my own, younger life…

I wish I were taller; but my brothers ate all the food.

I wish I were smarter; but they got all the brains.

I wish I were better-looking; okay, I have them slaughtered on that one.

I wish I were bolder; but I’ll always be shy.

I wish I were stronger, faster, a better athlete; but I don’t work out.

I wish I kept drawing; but I never believed I had any talent.

I wish I were better-read; but it was easier to watch movies.

I wish I studied harder; but I was lazy.

I wish I had a passion to follow; but I’ve been uninterested.

I wish I had more time to write my book…

That’s what this blog is a part of. No, I’m not writing a book similar to this blog. This blog is just an exercise for me to flex my typing fingers and get into a writing fashion. I was planning on publishing 250 posts in one year; forcing myself to keep to a schedule and deadlines before jumping full-force into writing out my book. But it worked a little better than planned.

On my last vacation I started getting down a much firmer outline of what I’m working on than ever before. I told my sister-in-law that I’ve been bandying this book about in my head for fifteen years. Actually, this book is really only nine years in the making (thus far). It sprang from back story from the original idea I had. I was looking over what I had already written in 2006 and asked a few questions about one character – not even a secondary character at the time. Then, an explosion of ideas hit for his back story and a completely new tale erupted from my pen. I’ve been sprinkling ideas and passages in notebooks ever since.

Then, while getting my ignition coil fixed at Pep Boys, I outlined in earnest all I had to this point. And I added more and more depth to the outline – we’re talking a large book, or two or three before the tale is all told. And ideas keep coming; either new plot twists, greater character development or new and better ways to write what I’ve thus far written. The pebbles are tumbling down the mountain side, now. It’s time to charge forward.

As such, I’ve not posted as frequently as had been my norm. There may be days, maybe even weeks, which will go by before sitting down to write this blog. The urge to keep writing on anything and everything is as strong as ever, but I’m more focused now on an end goal on my book(s). I’ll still touch base here, and definitely help my wife with her blog and read some of my favorites, but I’m not pooping in my hand any more.

This time next year I’ll have the rough draft done and likely a second or third revision as well, considering the pace I’ve achieved recently. Of this, we can shake on it…just let me wash my hand first.


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  1. What did you used to draw? Even if drawing had not been a talent of yours, you definitely do have a knack for writing. Whenever I read a really good post of yours, I always think to myself that I only wish I was able to have the motivation/determination you have for this blog and apparently other writings as well!
    WE JUST VIRTUALLY SHOOK ON IT, dirty hands or not! keep it up!! I want to read able to say I read a book of yours one day in the future!


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