Seeking Direction

I never really lived my life with much direction. I never sought the input of others to help guide me along the path of life; and when anyone ever did attempt to give such direction I likely just ignored them. Perhaps I should’ve sought direction from others; maybe I would’ve avoided some of the unintelligent decisions I’ve made. All-in-all, however, I really wouldn’t change anything as I have a beautiful wife and four beautiful daughters. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

But, I must admit, I find it ironic that I am now in the position of providing direction for others when I was so inept at seeking it for myself. As a manager I have to give direction to my staff. Ask any of them how well THAT’S working out; like a weather vane in an Oklahoma twister! Let’s just skip that part of my direction-giving life.

As a family man I am constantly giving direction to my wife. Seriously…geographical direction! Today I had her drive from my store to the doctor’s office where our eldest is having a follow-up appointment in a few days time. Every twenty feet she’d ask, “What do I do now?”

“Um, just keep going straight until I tell you otherwise, honey.”

That’s how a fair amount of our conversations go; I give her precise directions so she won’t get lost. And I write them down. You see, regardless of her many talents and gifts, a sense of direction is not one of them. This is the woman, who along with two others, went from Reading, PA to Allentown, PA and almost ended up in Harrisburg, PA. If you don’t have a map, just google it! I will credit my wife this – she was the one of the three who noticed they were driving in the wrong direction, even if it took two counties to do so.

So, in that respect, I am more than happy to provide my wife with direction(s). Otherwise she’d be calling me from Michigan – and that’s three states away.

My daughters have better direction sense than their mother. However, as their dad I’ll have to provide direction in the life-decision sense. This can be a daunting task. Fortunately, my two little ones are of an age where I only need provide love, affection, food, clothes and shelter. The eleven-year-old just needs to have her interests fostered to see if she follows her own path; kind of the pre-direction phase.

But the fifteen-year-old is of that age where I really need to help provide direction as she journeys through her high school years and must consider her life after school. However, the only direction she’s interested in is One Direction. And the only direction I can provide her is teaching her theoretical physics; perhaps she can then find a parallel universe in which Zayn is still in the band.


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