If It Pleases You

My two oldest girls were a little upset with a video criticism of Disney’s Frozen. It’s one of their favorites (and one of mine, for that matter) and they just didn’t understand why the person didn’t like it as well. It was a good exercise in teaching them that not everyone looks at things the same, and, more importantly, it teaches them not to worry about trying to please everyone. There are just too many opinions in the world to please everyone. Trying to please everyone will only cause undue stress.

Take my own family as a microcosm of the world at large…

I can easily please my 15-year-old by letting her watch one of her favorite television shows. Or I can upset her by not letting her watch five or six episodes in a row!

I can please my 11-year-old future chef by cooking with her. Or I can annoy her by not buying ketchup because she doesn’t react well to it.

I can please my 6-year-old by taking her to the pool. And I can upset her by letting her face get wet. (Yeah, in a pool…she’s got issues!)

My 2-year-old is easy to please: “Daddy, can you bring home a cucumber? A green one?” That’s my girl. Granted, she’s only two and can get upset for any number of reasons.

As she is expecting our fifth little bambino I certainly know how to please my wife! And I annoy her with these little inappropriate jokes in this blog.

See, that just a quick example from my own home with the people I love and who love me, too. The world doesn’t love me nearly as much, so why worry about pleasing them. It’s just not worth the stress. So, the next time you’re criticized, remember to take it with a grain of salt, if at all. There’s no pleasing some people…and there’s never pleasing all people.


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