Proper Food Storage

I’ve worked in food service for the past seven-plus years (the longest temp job I ever had) and had also managed a cafe for two-plus at the turn of the millennium. I was, at one point, Serve-Safe Certified but have since let that certification expire as I am not required to maintain it in my current position. (The store management team must do that.) So, I know a thing or two about proper food storage.

This past Father’s Day gave a good example of proper food storage. We had enjoyed a lovely dinner at my parent’s apartment, finished nicely by my all-time favorite dessert. (On a side note, my two-year-old asked for broccoli for dessert. Good thing I know of my wife’s absolute fidelity otherwise I’d question it.) Mom had made nine of the chocolate wafer/cream cookies. Oh, yeah! Dad ate two and I managed to put away three – quite an accomplishment given that their sweetness may induce diabetic coma. Yeah, three little cakes of heavenly goodness and a BIG HONKING GLASS OF WATER to keep me from attaining a debilitating sugar high. ‘Twas a good meal.

However, there were still four of the little buggers left over. Dad let me take them all home. Whoa, that’s a bit much for a man who really does need to take a few pounds off the midsection. Are you sure you don’t want them, Dad? But, he wouldn’t let me leave without taking them. So, he put them on a styro-foam plate and covered them with plastic wrap.

Once putting them in our fridge I realized this was not the ideal food storage container. It was not air-tight, causing an increase risk for faster spoilage. The plastic wrap cover offered no protection from interference, specifically the aforementioned two-year-old who likes to grab at anything she can get her hands on when her big sister opens the fridge door to get a snack. Clearly, I needed to find a new food storage compartment for my beloved treats.

So I ate all four of ’em. Yup-yup-yup…big Daddy got a little bigger in the midsection. At least I could rest secure in the knowledge that my tasty treats were no longer exposed to the dangers of improperly stored food.


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