Numbers, Man

I’ve always considered myself kind of a numbers guy. When I look back, I think I should’ve studied to become an accountant. (Heck, had I just STUDIED things might be different.) I just love the stories numbers tell. That’s why I run some of the best inventories in the company…I see the story behind the numbers and know how to get the best metric results. (Sure, my people skills SUCK, which make me a terrible manager; but when you’re adding THAT MUCH to the company’s bottom line they are happy to look the other way.)

I was thinking about a neat little number fact recently. I was born in ’73 and my dad in ’42. This year I will turn 42 while he turns 73. How cool is that!

Well, if you look at the numbers (and, yes, I did almost immediately) it’s not that unique. My oldest brother turned 42 the same year my dad turned 69. Guess when that brother was born. My other brother turned 42 the same year my dad turned 71. Guess which year he was born. It works out the same for our mother as well.

There may be a whole mathematical formula explaining this phenomenon. But I’m not going to subject myself to further geek jokes, just the ones I’ve already earned by noticing this sort of thing.

And speaking of inventories, my monthly inventory was last week. I have to spend a fair amount of time in the freezer counting product. I accomplish this in two steps: first, I go in fully bundled and wearing gloves. For this step I count all items and write the number on the box. Second, I go back in fully bundled but not wearing gloves as I have about 14 pages of paperwork to record those numbers and gloved hands aren’t the ideal gear for turning pages.

When I got to the cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate and red velvet) I noticed what I wrote on the boxes in the following order: 36 – 24 – 36, what a winning hand! She’s a brick—-house. Yup, I was singing in the freezer. Totally freaked out the sushi guy who barely speaks English when he came to get some of his product.

Umm, how did I get from being a numbers guy to the Commodores? Yeah, time for bed.


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