My Problem With The Internet Culture

I thoroughly enjoy all the information and entertainment I can get on the internet. It really is a wonderful invention. To be able to pull up-to-the-minute information with some clicks, or research any number of topics or opinions is, a few screwy exceptions aside, good for our society. It is an essential skill to learn to use and navigate the internet so you can get the most out of it in this day and age.

But the youthful internet culture has some growing up to do. They have little frame of reference other than the here and now. Hopefully, the internet can give those of us with more experience the chance to further educate our young people. (Yes, not all of them are young, but demographics show a higher use of certain internet platforms and sites than older generations.)

What’s the problem, you ask?

Let’s start with a survey by Yahoo a few years back. Users were asked to rank the greatest science-fiction movies of all-time. Do you know which movie won? Iron Man! What the heck? Sure, I enjoyed it, and Robert Downey, Jr.’s  portrayal of Tony Stark was excellent, but best of all-time?! What about Blade Runner, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, Alien? Seriously, Iron Man won because it was in the young crowd’s collective conscious at the time. Like I said, I enjoyed Iron Man but it wouldn’t crack my top 20.

I was reminded of this today when my daughter was on her Google+. Users were asked King Kong or Indominus Rex. Indominus was winning 82-percent to 18-percent. You gotta be kidding me!

Sure, Indominus is wickedly bad ass, but we’re talking King Kong. Barney’s psycho cousin was, what, 40 feet from nose to tail while RKO Studios listed King Kong at 50 feet tall in promotional materials. At 40 feet long, Indominus doesn’t also stand that tall, she leans forward. Given apes have longer arms, proportionally, than humans all Kong would have to do is slap his big hand on Indie’s head Lonestar vs. Dark Helmet style and keep her at bay. Then, before she can reach up with those claws, he can just push her head down to the ground and go to work on her spine with his other hand.

Granted, I’m not exactly sure where the genitals of King Kong would be in relation to Indie’s jaws. So, if she got in a good chomp on Kong’s privates the fight would drastically change. But still, he’s got the reach advantage and leverage thanks to a more erect skeletal structure – even if he’s less erect after a nutcracker move.

Overall, I just think the advantage belongs to Kong. But, once again, Indominus Rex is in the modern collective conscious, and therefore our youth vote for her.



  1. I don’t think that’s necessarily an internet phenomenon… I think it’s a manifestation of the availability heuristic, which psychologists have looked at for years. Humans tend to place greater importance on recent events, because they can be recalled more readily. Couple that with the notions that A) Americans have a pretty meager grasp of history, and B) young Americans have had less time to become aware of history (and like their elders are likely to be bad at it), and you get the situations you described. That’s why I don’t take seriously any general poll that says some recent thing is the “worst it’s ever been.” Right… “EVER”. I tend to look at that sort of thing, roll my eyes, and sigh at the state of our deplorable understanding of history. (Full disclosure: I think I have a poor understanding of history, and I’ve found I have a much better grasp of it than a vast majority of people I meet.)


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