Divide and Conquer

My wife and I have a pretty good system for getting ready to leave the house with the kids. We have our 15-year-old get the toddler’s socks and shoes on; we have the 11-year-old bring socks downstairs for the 6-year-old (who often forgets them); and I fill the diaper bag with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes, just in case. Meanwhile, my wife makes sure the girls brush their teeth and hair.

We make sure we begin this process ten minutes before we have to leave.

Therefore, five minutes after we were supposed to leave I am pulling the toddler out of my eldest daughter’s arms and putting her shoes on; my wife is  making a vain attempt to brush the 6-year-old’s hair while the latter curls into a ball in the corner with both arms over her head; the 11-year-old is still upstairs reading with her sister’s socks in her hand; and the 15-year-old is now glued to her iPod.

Five more minutes later we are all ready to leave except for my wife, who must rummage through the diaper bag to take out the spare outfit, replace it with a different one and recount all diapers, wipes and the changing pad.

This is how we make the most efficient use of our time in the jason’s household.


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