Where in the World is…

As part of our homeschooling lessons we have both a map of the world on one wall and a map of the United States on another. It helps us to show the girls where things are happening now and where events happened in the past. Plus, maps are cool. (What can I say, I learned to read the Rand McNally Road Atlas on the john from my father.)

I’m particularly impressed with my toddler’s ability to identify states by pointing to them on the U.S. map. However, her 15-year-old sister has a little too much influence in her learning. You see, my eldest is a huge fan of the band R5, especially Ross Lynch. He also stars on Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally as well as both Teen Beach Movie specials. I don’t mind that she’s a fan, he seems to be an entertaining young man and the shows in question are innocent fun. But she can be a little obsessed and it’s rubbing off on her littlest sister, as evidenced by this exchange…

“Where does Ross live, sweetie?”

Toddler correctly points to California on the map.

“Where was Ross born?”

Toddler correctly points to Colorado on the map.

“Where we you born, sweetie?”

Toddler looks at map, looks back at sister and says, “What?”



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