So I was on the john perusing my Rand McNally atlas, (don’t ask, but my Dad will understand) when I happened to turn to the pages for Nebraska and noticed a little something. The counties in the Cornhusker State have pretty common people names. One could take neighboring counties and devise names for people which may exist in real life.

Do you know an Arthur McPherson?

How about Boyd Holt?

Keith Lincoln? Chase Perkins? Blaine Brown? Clay Adams? Howard Hall?

There actually is one person you may have heard of if you follow the NFL or Virginia Tech football, Logan Thomas. Yup, those two counties are neighbors. It was fun little game to play whilst having a bowel movement. Which are the two most exciting things you can do in Nebraska, poop or read something which takes your mind away from Nebraska. (Sorry, ‘Huskers, this Penn State fan is still upset about 1994!)

But the best neighboring county combination had to be Hooker and Cherry. I think they used to be together, but Hooker lost its Cherry a long time ago and they can never be rejoined.


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