My Current Identity Crisis

My 2-year-old has called me by names other than just Daddy. As long-time readers may recall there was a period when Pixar’s Cars was one of her favorite movies. She was Lightning McQueen and I was Mater. Waking up to her lovely little voice saying, “Mater!” was the best wake-up call EVER! I was so happy that we were best friends in her eyes.

Not too long ago she watched Disney’s Chicken Little. She was Chicken Little and I was his porcine friend, Runt. Once again, I was so happy to be best friends in her little, brown eyes.

Then, a few weeks ago, we were visiting my parents when she was playing with “the critters” (that’s just a set of toy farm animals) when her big sister grabbed the donkey. I can’t remember what big sister called it, but my little one said, “No, that’s Daddy!”

Hmmm. So, let me get this straight; my 2-year-old sees me as a fat, redneck jackass! Maybe I’m not held in such high esteem after all.


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