What Day Is It?

It seems like there’s always a new National something day popping up. As a bakery manager for a retail market I have been preparing for National Banana Bread Day tomorrow. We are selling our Banana Nut Bread buy-one-get-one free for one day only. The most aggravating part of this sale is that Banana Nut Bread is one of eight, yes EIGHT, varieties of nut breads which are currently available in our store. So we know customers will constantly ask or argue with us about all nut breads being part of the sale. Because whenever we put all varieties of nut breads on sale and completely separate them from the six varieties of pound cakes, people always assume both pound cakes and nut breads are part of the BOGO deal. Oh, yeah, the full BOGO nut bread sale begins the day after tomorrow.

And next month we will be selling our apple pies discounted $3.14 for Pi Day! (Get it math neophytes, pi=3.14.) There was even once a National Zucchini Bread Day.

I propose we have a National It’s Not National Anything Day Day. It would make sense, after all the majority of us working schmucks just have day after day of the same boring crap anyways…why not celebrate it with nothing at all. Yeah, let’s pick a day and make it the National It’s Not National Anything Day Day.

You know, today was National Margarita Day. Maybe I should’ve had one, then maybe I wouldn’t have this headache from thinking about all these days.


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