And the Oscar Goes To…

I used to be a big movie-goer. In the early nineties I watched lots of movies, and a fair share of them on the big screen. That’s why I always looked forward to the Oscars, I had seen most of the movies and had my favorites and predictions, etc.

That’s not the case any more. I just went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my dad on Thursday. The last time I went to a movie before that was to take my daughters to High School Musical 3, in 2008. Even when it comes to watching movies at home I’m not very active. We don’t even own a television anymore, and I only occasionally watch DVDs on the computer. To illustrate my infrequency of watching movies consider this, my friend Rob gave me a 3-DVD set of the first three Bond films with Daniel Craig for Christmas 2014. I’ve only seen Casino Royale. That’s why I don’t watch the Oscars any more, little interest and even less time.

But my 16-year-old really wants to see Mad Max: Fury Road win for Best Picture. That’s her horse in the race. But she hasn’t seen the movie. Nor has she seen ANY Mad Max movie. She doesn’t care about George Miller, Tom Hardy or Charlize Theron. Heck, this 16-year-old girl doesn’t even care about heart-throb Nicholas Hoult. So, why does she care about the movie? Well, her answer is similar to why some non-football fans select a Super Bowl team by which one has the prettier uniforms.

You see, my eldest once had a crush on Ross Lynch. However, he was demoted from future-son-in-law to ex-future-son-in-law when he began dating Courtney Eaton, who has a role in the film. I don’t even know if she talks in the role, but if the movie wins she’ll be happy; which will make Ross happy; which will make my eldest happy.

Yeah, not a typical reason for rooting for an Oscar film. But I guess I can be glad that she’s rooting for the film which stars her ex-future-husband’s girlfriend. After all, I rather her not be vengeful and wish ill upon the hussy that stole her man. Instead, she shows this young lady support and moves onto a new crush. (Look out, Corey Fogelmanis, you’re in her sights.)


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