Dearly Beloved

I was never much of a Prince fan, but I sure do admire his talent and career. I can’t really tell you the names of the vast majority of his songs, but I do remember liking a song I heard on a radio only to be told it was Prince. Thinking about it after his passing I’ve come to believe that I probably did that with Prince more than any other artist. So, I understand why his death at the young age of 57 is being so widely reported.

However, I’m hearing a lot less about Chyna, the wrestler who died at an even younger 45. Why is this? Is it because, in the entertainment world, wrestling is the ignored child; much like in real sports circles ice hockey is known as the bastard love-child of lacrosse and figure skating?

Whatever the reason, rest in peace Prince and Chyna. May your families and fans find comfort in the lives you fully lived.


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