I Did Not Just Hear That

Sometimes our minds are a little preoccupied and we don’t fully process the words being spoken to or around us. This can cause some seriously embarrassing moments.

For example, today my oldest was telling me about what she and my second daughter were doing while I was at work. Keep in mind the second child just purchased an iPod Touch; which my oldest already has. “We were doing a group text.”


Then it registered…

“Oh, with whom?”

Perhaps if I had gotten more sleep the night before and also not been a little frustrated with something which happened at work I wouldn’t have made such a fool of myself. But yesterday certainly added to my chances of misinterpreting what was said. What happened yesterday, you ask…

Well, after she bought her iPad she was checking it out while the two younger sisters were watching a Scooby-Doo DVD. I was paying more attention to the DVD while the oldest was annoying kid number two about seeing her iPod, which is a 6th generation versus big sister’s 5th generation. Then I overheard, “Don’t touch it!”

“I let you touch mine all the time!”

Zoinks…don’t ever let me hear that again!

Oh, wait…processing. Okay, we’re good.


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