The Third Skywalker

Perhaps one of my favorite memes about Star Wars: The Force Awakens read, “Is Rey Luke’s daughter? Leia’s daughter? I say, why not both!” with a picture of Luke and Leia kissing in The Empire Strikes Back. And that’s been the talk of the Star Wars nerds – who are Rey’s parents? Is she Luke’s or Leia’s daughter?

Well, I like the idea of a third Skywalker sibling being Rey’s parent, specifically her father. I know I’m not the only one to come up with this, and I haven’t done any research to see what all people are saying about this theory – yeah, I’m a nerd but I’m not THAT big of a nerd. So, let’s just look a some possible evidence chronologically.

In The Empire Strikes Back, while Luke is leaving Yoda, Obi-Wan’s spirit mentions, “That boy was our last hope.” (sic) To which Yoda replies, “No, there is another.”

Flash forward to Return of the Jedi and we learn that Leia is Luke’s sister. However, I don’t think she was the last hope Ben was talking about. After all, he clearly already knows about Leia, even if you ignore the prequels (which I most certainly do). So, to which hope was Yoda referring.

Let’s move to the opening text crawl in The Force Awakens. The audience reads Leia, “…is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help…” Notice there were no commas separating Luke from the rest of the sentence. If Luke were, in fact, her only brother then the rules of grammar would dictate the necessity of the commas. (I didn’t pick up on this the first time I saw the movie, I guess it’s been too long since I was a proofreader.) Perhaps it’s just a mistake. However, earlier in the opening crawl they use the proper grammar when referring to the First Order’s attempts to find Luke, “…will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed.” Why use the proper grammar technique once, but not both times? Here, we see Leia, and Luke, had a brother. Half-brother or true brother will only remain to be seen if this theory proves true.

Okay, forget about looking at things chronologically. Rey is given Luke’s lightsaber, which calls to her. It also is an object of desire of Kylo Ren’s. But let’s not forget that it’s not Luke’s lightsaber – it was given to him by Obi-Wan in A New Hope because it was his father’s, Anakin Skywalker, a.k.a. Darth Vader. Don’t believe me, well isn’t that lightsaber blue – Luke’s, which he crafted for himself for Return of the Jedi, is green. And the lightsaber directly linked to Anakin responds strongest to Rey.

Why does it respond strongest to Rey? Here we leave evidence from the films and go into speculation. Let’s assume Anakin/Vader had a third child after Luke and Leia. Perhaps the essence of the Skywalker force was more pure with the third as it wasn’t split between twins. Perhaps that’s why Anakin’s lightsaber is more drawn to Rey.

Of course, I did have another, exceptionally goofy theory. There’s the one scene in The Force Awakens where Ren and Hux are talking of retrieving BB-8 to get the map to Luke. Hux insists his trained-from-birth storm troopers are up to the task, while Ren suggests clones may be better. What if Rey is a female clone of Anakin? Similar childhood, exceptionally strong in the force, natural pilots, etc. I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to the next two installments of this trilogy, not to mention this December’s Rogue One.

This is all just speculation, and like I said I did not do any research for this. It just came from The Jason’s Mind. And, even though I pumped out almost 600 words on the topic of Star Wars theory, no I’m not THAT big of a nerd.


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