Drink Coke

Before reading, please click on the link to the youtube video of the Pepsi commercial entitled


(I know the picture quality isn’t the best, but it’s a relatively old commercial.)

Okay, so let’s get this straight, Pepsi. Coke doesn’t exist in the future and this class on a field trip is learning about a time when Coke did exist, even though they don’t know about Coke at the opening.

First of all, how in the world is the old fart a professor if he doesn’t even know what a baseball is? It’s just a “spherical object” which people hurl with great philosophy? Um, if you’re a professor is it safe to assume that the students are in college of some sort? If so, why must they be told a baseball is a spherical object? Don’t they teach basic geometry in Pepsi’s future?

As for the bottle, sure Pepsi may only be consumed out of cans in the future, but this so-called professor can’t even tell the Coke bottle is a container of some sorts? Heck, archaeological finds are full of containers from past cultures. That should be a no-brainer for Prof. Dimwit.

And don’t even get me started on the lack of appreciation Pepsi has for the performing arts by calling a guitar a device which emits loud noises.

So, do me a favor and, if you must drink sodas, please drink Coke. Because, by their own roundabout admission, drinking Pepsi makes you dumb.

(Except for my brother-in-law’s lovely wife. Okay, covered my butt, check.)


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