Know Thine Enemy

No, this is not a political post…although the vehemency spewing forth from the foaming mouths of the extremes on both sides point to a perception of treating dissenting voices as enemies instead of citizens with differing views. I’ll save that for my political-themed blog. The Jason’s Mind is my fun blog. And, once again, we revert to the geekery of Star Wars!!!

It has become my firm belief that the Empire/First Order are not the bad guys. Okay, they’re not exactly good, but they are not the bad guys the films make them out to be. That role falls on the shoulders of the Rebellion/Resistance.

I had my first inkling of this belief many moons ago when I realized that the majority of droids appear in the Rebellion/Resistance. What do the droids call their human counterparts? Master. Slavery has a long, inglorious history; and here we find the supposed good guys subjecting droids to slavery. R2-D2 was awesome, and BB-8 is freaking adorable. Yet those cretins in the Rebellion/Resistance have them enslaved for only God knows what functions. In our modern world how can we let slave owners be called the good guys?

But the real kicker came with the The Force Awakens. General Leia dispatched her best pilot to contact an “old ally” with information about Luke. And who is this old ally? Why, it’s MING THE MERCILESS! First slave droids and now a close partnership with Ming the Merciless and we’re still supposed to think they are the good guys?

Hey, J.J. – maybe you should’ve cast Topol!


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