The Well-Trained Three Year Old

No, this is not a post about my wonderful parenting ability, because said three year old has been known to release some furious temper tantrums. This is about my sixteen year old’s ability to train her littlest sister.

As I’ve mentioned before, my oldest is a Fogelmaniac. (That’s a fan of child actor Corey Fogelmanis from Disney’s Girl Meets World.) Actually, she’s more than just a fan…she’s his future wife, in her mind. So, her littlest sister knows all about Corey. And she’ll ask to go see Corey at the prompting of big sis.

Just the other day at supper, however, she needed no such cue from the eldest. The sixteen year old and twelve year old were talking about other celebrities (yes, male celebrities) when the little one piped up, “Stop talking about them. I want to talk about Corey!” The sixteen year old was beaming with pride. On top of all that, the three year old was able to name all of Corey’s dogs, much to the delight of the “future Mrs. Fogelmanis.” Yep, she’s got her well trained.

Now, if only I could get her to channel her influence into something which can benefit all mankind; like getting Amy Adams to return my phone calls!


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